The cherished goal, stay glad

So here I am, standing on the verge of my teenage, with a lot to remember, a lot to repent, a lot to face, and a lot to learn. People do tell me to change myself, and I just want to let them know that “constant is a cool thing to be”. They tell me to be mature and act like a grown up, and I simply add “so that I may start wishing to be a child again”.

People do have misconceptions. Being silent doesn’t mean that I don’t have a voice. Remaining oblivious doesn’t mean that I don’t have the ability to judge things around me. I have the abilities, I just don’t see the need of using them in a wasteful manner.

I wish I could waste some more keystrokes and space on what these people say and think, but I’ve some better things to write here at the moment.
My whole life till now has shown a very deviated behavior. Always remaining at extreme points. Sorrows were extreme, and joys were extreme. Maybe that’s the reason that little sufferings don’t hurt me, and little joys don’t flatter me. So if yo really want to blow me away, you’ve to be either the worst, or the best.
Life already had shown me only two variations of itself. The next thing was, that I chose to be a computer scientist, where we’re always told that the core decisions of every thought are based on two discrete values. It’s either yes, or no. There is nothing in between. So whenever I treat you like a “Yes or No” subject, either bear it, or tear it apart.
To those people who are like “itna toh chalta hai yaar”, I want to let them know: “Phir kisi aur k saath chalaya karo ja ke. Mere saath nai chalta”.

No one is poor on the account of the fact that every human on this planet breathes air worth $0.5 million, rain worth $1.7 billion, sunlight worth $180 billion, and a land to walk on, which is more than $190 quadrillion on annual basis.

This is a start of a new era for me. I don’t want to be pleased. I don’t want to be loved. I don’t want to be remembered. All I want is to “Know”.
To “Know” is my goal of life. As long as I keep on “Knowing”, I’ll continue to survive.


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