Long Live The King

“Long Live the King”. Long enough to witness his army being drowned into the splashing tides of Nile. Long enough to be buried alive, along with his golden castle. Long enough to see his reign being overthrown by the Abbasids. Long enough to see his princes killing each other for the sake of his “Great Ottoman Empire”. Long enough to see his 11 children being sentenced to death by those East-India company officers. Long enough to be dragged on the roads of Libya by the rebels.I wish, and I pray, that every single tyrant ruler gets the similar fate. You can not, and you should not expect an apple tree after planting a cactus. If you are enjoying this kingship because of the rebellious activities of your forefathers, then you are supposed to be afraid of your own shadow. If you willingly remained silent after hearing the mourning mothers in Gaza, then you are no one to ask for the help when your own state is in danger. Maybe you’ll die, but theĀ damnation from all over the World will always remain with your soul.

To me, death is nothing but happiness, and living under tyrants nothing but living in a hell

Long Live The King


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