Women across the border

I was supposed to talk about the women on our side of the border, but I believe, that both the nations are like mirrors when it comes to the life of an Indo-Pakistani “Woman”. So, discussing your conditions would simply relate to ours as well, and vice-versa. There is a huge….really really huge difference between the status of a Woman shown on media, and her real status in the society. Those actresses, politicians, anchors, celebrities, wearing silk clothes, and desperately promoting themselves to become a symbol of high hopes….they do not even promote 0.1% of the Women of this region. What I believe is, that women in this region are like a candle, which is being burnt from both the ends. From one side, they are under the influence of male-dominance, and secondly, the society has adopted the mentality that a woman has no ability of stand up on her own feet. The reality is, that everyone is to be blamed equally for such condition of women.
I’ll highlight the the condition of the majority. Whenever a farmer commits suicide, it is her widowed wife who has to
spend her whole life in agony, fearing that how will her children raise without their father around them. Whenever a
soldier dies on border, it is a woman who loses a father, a brother, a son. I feel like I’m being forced to say things related to wars, killings, and violence. Maybe the reason is, that our nations had no peaceful history from their births. I wish, with the core of my heart, that one day, I may tell the World what real peace is, and use our friendship as the bright example.
We know that a Kashmiri shawl will look as good on an Indian woman, as the Rajistani Jewellery would look on a Pakistani woman. Every Indian woman would like to have clay pot that is “Made in Gujrat”, and every Pakistani woman wold love to wear that Banarasi Silk Saree. Every Indian woman would love to wear Hyderabadi bangles, and every Pakistani woman would be amused to to have Sanganeri bed-sheets on her bed. That’s what women are.


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