It’s either fear of bad things, or the desire of good things. I have both of them. That’s the way of the nature, and the creator of the nature. Either I’ll be thrown into the endless depths of hell, or called upon the majestic thrones of heaven. There is no in-between. The problem is, that none of these are related to the World I’m currently living in. I need such a thing that can accompany me until I leave this place, and I do have chosen one for myself.

The only thing I’m afraid of in this World, is the night-sky, and the only thing I desire for, is to “know” the reality behind this fear that traps me whenever I stare at the night-sky. It can’t be the moon, and it shouldn’t be the stars. It can’t be the dark shade, and it shouldn’t be the utter loneliness.

All the great scientists, mathematicians, physicists, and philosophers have spent a lot of centuries to realize the game of numbers, and all of them eventually lost. It is not the equations, it is not the complexity, and it is not the “spookiness”. It is that ‘∞’ symbol that is always there to leave them speechless. It is everywhere. Light has a limit, and hence our sight has a limit. Since our sight has a limit, therefore our thoughts have a limit. Just because our thoughts have a limit, it clearly means that our knowledge will always remain limited, and uncertain of course. This is the point where I start considering those people lucky, who were freed from these chains of limits.

Death is a blessing


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