Strengthening the thoughts (I)

“I spent the whole night, studying for the exam. Just kept cramming for the final. And now this one thing, one equation, that might have gone out of my short term memory, and now I have NO idea how to solve this question”, this is what I kept thinking during the exam. I closed my eyes, and tried to THINK, but no use. I WANTED to recall what I saw on the book last night.

When I closed my eyes, the whole Universe went out of my sight, and all I could see was some really random patterns, as if it were a visual presentation of what my mind was going through, in order to perform a search operation on a specific visual item. I tried to focus hard, and some vague patterns of a page from a book appeared. Some further focus, and the content of the page became clearer. I could see the orientation, and paragraph layouts. There was some figure drawn as well, a graph. I could barely read some text, but I wanted that specific equation. I knew the exact location of that equation on the page. Focusing on and on, I could see the variables and operators that composed the equation. As I was getting closer, it was becoming harder and harder to focus. I was spending my energy, as well as my time, because that one equation could lead me to 10 straight marks in no time. At this moment, I could feel the physical pain, as if it were telling me get out of this inner World. The pain kept on increasing, but I wasn’t willing to quit. I JUST WANTED TO RECALL THE DAMN EQUATION. *snap* “Half of the time has passed”, a voice came, which wasn’t from the World I was in at the moment, but it helped me enough go get back to my real location, with respect to my physical dimensions. Now I barely had the courage to maintain that focus again, but I was sure enough that the information was NOT lost. It was still inside, I just had to find a way to access it.

And in case if you’re wondering why I didn’t finish it in this post, well, honestly, I hate these walls of never ending text. I’ll most probably not read the text where I have to scroll down till the end,not even on 9gag. I mean, SOME scrolling is fine, but A LOT of scrolling isn’t acceptable.


Thursdays are the new Mondays

I’m a final year student (semi-final year, actually. Because the degree “SOMEHOW MAGICALLY” got delayed by 6 months), and like anyone else, I’m almost sick of following a timetable. Just like a normal human being (although I shouldn’t be like this), I’m also afraid of work. I would never have gone to the University if that attendance wasn’t compulsory, because I’d simply ask for the notes from other students, if and only if they wouldn’t adopt a mentality like mine of not going.

Although Monday is a nightmare for people (if you’re someone who doesn’t go anywhere for work, school, or anything, then you may quit reading, because the feeling isn’t worth it), but I’m more afraid of my Thursdays. The reason is simple; hectic day, from 9:30 AM to 6:30 PM, I get a single break during the 11:00 AM to 12:30 PM window, and rest is a “planned sequential physical and mental torture”.

Because I’m afraid of Thursday so much, I wish that it never appears. But, just like a normal human mindset, I feel like Thursdays come faster than any other day. It’s like reading the phrase “MondayTuesdayWednesdayTTHHUURRSSSSSDAAAYYY”. And now, I don’t know how to exactly explain it, but this is a blessing in disguise, because the weekend is “JUST” ahead. Fridays passe like a charm, and THERE!

The whole feeling is amazing, because Thursdays help my mind not to think of the first three days of the week too much, and allowing them to pass really quickly, and then with one hectic day, I have a weekend ahead. So, in short, it helps me to realize that how close a weekend is, hence maintaining a state of psychological equilibrium inside my head by being good, and bad to me at the same time.

Me: “Damn, the weekend’s over”
AnotherMe: “Don’t worry, Thursday is JUST here”

P.S: Did I mention that we have a lot of assignments and project deliverables to be completed on weekends? Yes. The weekends equally suck!